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Fire Retardant Spraying in Birmingham

Updated: Jun 12

Introduction: The Fireproofing Advantage

With over 30 years of experience in fire retardant treatments, Fireproofing has been steadfast in ensuring safety across Birmingham and the UK. Our extensive background, rooted in training with the esteemed Essex Flameproofing company, and our commitment to using products tested by UKAS-accredited testing houses and their European counterparts, make us the go-to solution for fire retardant needs in the city.

Expert Adam Sawyer: Fire Retardant Spraying in Birmingham

Comprehensive Fire Retardant Treatments

We offer a range of fire retardant treatments in London, including:

  • BS 5867 Part 2 Type B for Curtains and Window Blinds

  • BS EN 13501-1 for Wallcoverings

  • BS EN 13501-1 Class B for wood

  • BS 5852 Part 1 for Upholstery

The Fireproofing Difference

At Fireproofing, we value our customers, providing free quotes and fabric compatibility testing. Our no prepayment policy (unless non-returnable products are required) and certification of all work to comply with fire standards and regulations set us apart. We're always at your service, operating 24 hours a day for your convenience. Ready for a quote? Use our user-friendly online Get My Free Quote form today.

Who Requires Certified Fire Retardant Spraying Services?

Businesses and organisations with public access areas must adhere to stringent fire safety measures. Our services cater to a wide range of sectors, including:

Case Studies: Our Expertise in Action

We have carried out fire retardant spraying services to curtains and ceiling drapes at wedding venues such as Netley Hall. Treated artificial plants at places like Aldridge Well-Being and Stage curtains at Wetley Rocks village hall.

What We Treat

We specialize in treating both absorbent and non-absorbent materials. Our services cover a diverse array of items, including:

Your Safety, Our Priority

We go beyond just providing fire retardant treatments. Our free advice and in-house testing, including videos, are invaluable resources before you consider sending your items to a UKAS-accredited testing house.

Value for You

We believe in providing exceptional value. Take advantage of up to 50% off on curtain cleaning and fireproofing, as well as our fireproofing-only services.

Contact Us: Fire Retardant Spraying Specialists

Achieving fire safety compliance for your project is paramount. We specialise in finding solutions to your fireproofing needs.

📞 Direct Line to Our Experts:

Dial 07970 522475 to discuss your specific needs with our seasoned professionals.

✉️ For Inquiries & Tailored Quotes:

Email Let us provide the best fireproofing solutions for your next production.

🌐 Learn More About Our Services:

Visit to explore our comprehensive offerings dedicated to fireproofing treatments.

With Fireproofing, you're not just investing in fire safety, but also in peace of mind. Connect with us today and experience the Fireproofing advantage.


About the Author: Adam Sawyer

Adam is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in textile care and fire retardant treatments. He is the founder of Fireproofing, a company specializing in fire retardant spraying and application services for curtains, fabrics, upholstery, wood, and more. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Adam has built lasting relationships with clients and established a reputation for excellence in the field. To learn more about Adam and Fireproofing, visit the About Us & Our Expert page on our website.



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