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Fire Retardant Spraying for School Curtains

Updated: Dec 16, 2023


Ensuring Student and Staff Safety in Schools: In educational settings, the importance of flame-resistant curtains and fire safety in classrooms, auditoriums, and theatres cannot be overstated. Our fire retardant treatments enhance safety and align with the stringent fire safety measures required post the Grenfell tragedy, ensuring flame-resistant curtain solutions for schools.

2023: A Year of Enhanced Safety Measures in Schools

Responding to the Need for Better Fire Safety: The Grenfell tragedy has underscored the importance of fire safety in public spaces. In 2023, we've seen a surge in schools requiring BS 5867 compliant curtain treatments. Explore our impact on this interactive Google My Map, each pin representing a school where we've improved safety through our fire retardant services.

British Standards for Fire Retardant Curtains

BS 5867 Part 2 Type B - Setting Safety Benchmarks: This standard is the gold standard in fire safety compliance for curtains in schools, mandating strict safety and flame resistance requirements. Understand the importance of BS 5867 curtain standards for school safety here.

Types of Flame Retardancy

Exploring Flame Retardant Materials in Education:

  • IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant): No retreatment needed post washing.

  • DFR (Durably Flame Retardant): Effective up to 25 washes, then retreatment recommended.

  • FR (Flame Retardant): Suitable for up to 5 dry cleans, with retreatment advised after 5 years.

The Importance of Fire Retardant Curtains in Schools

Maintaining Fire Safety Standards: Fire retardant curtains are vital in educational settings, slowing the spread of flames and providing more time for safe evacuation, thereby enhancing school curtain safety.

Measuring Your Curtains for Fire Retardant Spraying Services

Accuracy Leads to Safety: To provide you with an accurate quote and effective service, we need the following measurements:

  • Curtain Height/Drop: Measure the vertical length from the top to the bottom of the curtain.

  • Width Along the Bottom: Measure the horizontal length at the base of the curtain. This is crucial for precision in treatment application.

  • Rail Width (if Bottom Width is Unavailable): For curtains where the bottom width measurement is challenging (such as high curtains), please provide the rail width instead. In these cases, we will apply a fullness ratio of 2 to accommodate curtain folds.

  • Lining Information: Indicate whether your curtains are lined, as this can impact the treatment process.

Need help measuring? Contact us for step-by-step guidance.

Optional Curtain Cleaning Service for Enhanced Fireproofing

Maximizing Fireproofing Effectiveness: While our fire retardant spraying is effective on its own, we also offer an additional on-site curtain cleaning service. This optional service is designed to prepare your curtains for fireproofing, ensuring they are free from dust and debris for optimal treatment adherence.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions:

  • Comprehensive On-Site Cleaning: We use advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions to thoroughly clean your curtains at your location, enhancing their appearance and preparing them for fire retardant application.

  • Designed for Various Environments: Our service caters to different settings, including schools, theatres, and auditoriums, with a focus on efficiency and minimal disruption.

Benefits of Opting for Curtain Cleaning:

  • Prolonged Fabric Life: Regular cleaning can extend the lifespan of your curtains and maintain their appearance.

  • Enhanced Safety: Clean curtains can absorb fire retardant solutions more effectively, potentially enhancing their protective properties.

  • Flexible and Convenient: This service is offered as a convenient option for those looking to maximize their fireproofing results. It’s an additional step towards ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance.

For further details on our curtain cleaning and fireproofing services, please contact us or explore our Curtain Cleaning and Fireproofing Services page.

Maintenance of Fire Retardant Curtains

Regular Care for Lasting Safety: To maintain their properties, fire retardant curtains should be regularly cleaned. FR curtains, in particular, can be dry cleaned up to 5 times and should be retreated every 5 years.

2023 Project Showcase: Our Fire Retardant Journey

Showcasing Fire Safety Enhancements in Schools: Explore our gallery of fire retardant spraying services for schools in 2023, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining fire safety regulations in educational institutions.

Case Studies:

Brentford School for Girls: A comprehensive fire risk assessment led to an upgrade of their curtains to meet BS 5867 standards, showcasing significant cost savings over full curtain replacement.

ACS International School Egham: We combined curtain cleaning with fireproofing, using zero-odor retardants for immediate room usability, respecting the school's activity schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Are there any smells or fumes when you spray the curtains?

A1: Our fire retardant treatment is specifically designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. When applied to the curtains, it emits no fumes or odours, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment immediately after treatment.

Q2: Will I receive a certificate after the treatment is completed?

A2: Yes, after the invoice is paid, a BS 5867 Part 2 Type B certificate will be issued and forwarded via email in PDF format.

For more FAQs, click click here.


Dedicated to Safety and Excellence: Our adherence to the BS 5867 Part 2 Type B standard underscores our commitment to providing expert fireproofing services for school safety.

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For more information or assistance in meeting your fireproofing needs, contact us:

Phone: 07970 522475


About the Author: Adam Sawyer

Adam is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in textile care and fire retardant treatments. He is the founder of Fireproofing, a company specializing in fire retardant spraying and application services for curtains, fabrics, upholstery, wood, and more. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Adam has built lasting relationships with clients and established a reputation for excellence in the field. To learn more about Adam and Fireproofing, visit About Us & Our Expert.



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