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Timber cladding upgraded to BS EN 13501-1 Class B

Fire Retardant Treatment for Timber Cladding

Upgrade Your Timber Cladding to Meet BS EN 13501-1 Class B Standards

Ensure the safety of your property with our expert timber cladding upgrade services. Comply with the BS EN 13501-1 Class B fire safety standards and safeguard your building against potential fire hazards.

Comprehensive Surface Treatments

Our fire safety treatments are tailored to the specific needs of your timber cladding, which must be a minimum of 12mm thick. In scenarios where there is a cavity behind the cladding, it's essential for you to verify the presence of fire barriers. This is a common requirement from building inspectors for their approval of surface-only treatments.

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Quick Guide to BS EN 13501-1 Class B Standards

Understanding when buildings need fire-resistant cladding can be made simpler with this guide. Here are the requirements for Class B-s3-d2 or better cladding:

Icon of building taller than 11 metres that requires class B timber cladding

Residential Buildings Over 11 Metres

Residential buildings taller than 11 metres (about 36 feet, or a 3-4 story building) must have fire-resistant cladding.

Icon of residential building within 1000 mm  of boundary

Smaller Residential Buildings Near Property Boundary

Residential buildings under 11 metres in height, but within 1000mm (about 3.3 feet) of another property, also require this cladding.

Icon of assembly building requiring Class B timber cladding

Assembly and Recreation Buildings

Other types of buildings (such as offices, factories, hospitals) over 18 metres (approximately 59 feet, or akin to a 6-story building) need fire-resistant cladding.

To ensure your building is compliant and safe, we offer the right cladding solutions. For more detailed information on building regulations, you can refer to the Approved Document B.

Expert Cladding Upgrade Services

Discover our range of professional services designed to upgrade your timber cladding efficiently and effectively. We use the latest methods and high-quality materials to ensure your building meets the required fire safety standards.

Image of wood with fire retardant droplets representing impregnation Class B fire treatmen

Customised Surface Treatment Solutions

We recognize that each cladding project has its unique requirements. Our surface treatments are customised to suit the specific needs of your property. For bare timber and thermo-treated wood, we offer impregnation fire retardant solutions that enhance the wood's natural resistance to fire. This treatment is meticulously applied to achieve a consistent volume per square metre, ensuring long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.

Image of intumescent paint being applied to timber cladding to achieve Euroclass B

Advanced Intumescent Coating Systems

For cladding that has been previously painted or varnished, we utilise advanced intumescent coating systems. These systems involve a careful application of an adhesion primer followed by 2 coats of intumescent paint and a protective topcoat. Our intumescent coatings are available in clear or tinted options, allowing for customisation to match your building's aesthetic.

Transparent Cost Estimates

Planning your budget is easier with our clear cost breakdowns. Request a quote today and receive a detailed estimate tailored to your specific cladding upgrade needs.

Accurate Measurement Guidance for Streamlined Service

For our nationwide services, we've streamlined the process to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You, the customer, will provide the measurements for the cladding upgrade. However, we understand the importance of precision in this step. That's why our team is always available via phone or email to guide you through the measurement process. This approach allows us to tailor our fire retardant applications accurately to your specific needs while enabling you to actively participate in the preliminary stages of the project.

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Proven Success: Our Case Studies

Explore our portfolio of successful cladding upgrade projects. These case studies demonstrate our expertise in bringing buildings up to the BS EN 13501-1 Class B compliance, ensuring both safety and satisfaction.

The Roundhouse building that received fire retardant treatment  for timber cladding to Cla

The Roundhouse, Nottingham

Our work on the Roundhouse building in Nottingham highlights our capability to handle large-scale projects. The use of impregnation spray and specialised equipment like cherry pickers facilitated the upgrade to Class B, meeting both safety and insurance requirements.

Residential Upgrade in King's Lynn

A challenging project in King's Lynn required precision and expertise. We successfully upgraded timber cladding within a metre of an adjacent boundary using impregnation spray, demonstrating our adaptability and skill in complex scenarios.

Fireproofing Gable End Larch Timber Cladding.jpeg
image of stamp of authority to represent our certification of fire retardant services

Certification and Compliance Assurance

We not only upgrade your timber cladding but also provide certification to confirm compliance with fire safety standards. Rest assured, your property's safety is certified by industry experts.

Rigorous Certification Process

Upon completion of each project, we issue a detailed certificate, including the fire retardant used, class achieved, and an authorisation signature. This certification plays a crucial role in fulfilling regulatory and insurance requirements.

Image depicting Class B project timeline

Project Timelines and Process

Get an overview of our efficient project timelines. We value your time and provide a clear schedule for the completion of your cladding upgrade, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Custom Timeline Estimation

The timeline for each project varies based on the treatment type and project size. Intumescent coatings, requiring multiple layers and drying times, might take longer than impregnation sprays. We provide a tailored timeline after understanding your specific needs.

Safety and Quality: Our Top Priorities

Learn about our commitment to safety and quality. Our rigorous quality assurance processes guarantee that your upgraded cladding is not just compliant, but also durable and reliable.

Environmental and Quality Controls

We ensure that all treatments are applied under optimal conditions, adhering to environmental requirements such as temperature and moisture content. This attention to detail guarantees the longevity and effectiveness of our fire safety solutions.

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Get in Touch: Consultation and Quotes

Ready to start your cladding upgrade? Contact us today for a consultation or to request a quote. Our team is here to provide you with tailored solutions and expert advice.

Phone: 07970 522475


Quote Form: Click the link to fill out the quote form

Our Satisfied Clients

Clients who have experienced first-hand the quality and reliability of our cladding upgrade services.

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FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Have questions? Our FAQ section covers everything from the upgrade process to fire safety standards, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Image of a gable symbolizing legal and compliant Class B standards

Stay Legal and Compliant

Ensuring your property's compliance with fire safety regulations is not just about upgrading the cladding; it's about understanding and adhering to a complex set of legal and regulatory standards. We are here to demystify these requirements and guide you through every step of the compliance process.

Expert Guidance on Fire Safety Regulations

The landscape of fire safety regulations, particularly for timber cladding, is ever-evolving. Our expertise in this domain means we stay abreast of the latest changes in standards and regulations, offering you the most current advice to keep your property compliant.

Tailored Compliance Strategies

Every property has its unique challenges when it comes to meeting fire safety standards. We offer bespoke compliance strategies that consider the specific needs of your building, ensuring that the solutions we provide not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements.

Seamless Documentation and Certification

Proper documentation is key to proving compliance. We provide comprehensive certification post-upgrade, ensuring that you have all the necessary paperwork for insurance, property transactions, or regulatory inspections.

Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Compliance with fire safety standards is an ongoing commitment. We offer services to monitor the effectiveness of fire safety measures over time, advising on when and how to undertake necessary maintenance or inspections.

Consultation for Legal Queries and Regulatory Updates

Should you have questions about the legal implications of fire safety standards or need updates on regulatory changes, our team is available for consultation. We ensure that you are not just meeting the current standards but are also prepared for any future amendments.

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