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Colorful stage curtains morphing into mist representin fire retardant spraying

Fireproofing & Fire Retardant Spraying Services for Curtains

Receive a BS 5867 Part 2 Type B Certificate with Our Fire Retardant Spraying Services. Ensure your curtains comply with fire regulations and meet insurance requirements with our certified solutions.

We are UK-wide specialists in on-site flameproofing, offering expertise and dedicated support. Get free advice and consultations, available online or by phone.

Why Choose Our Curtain Flameproofing Services?

Auditoriums: Specialist services for large-scale curtain flameproofing, ensuring safety in every auditorium across the UK.

Stage Curtains: We bring expertise in various stage curtain fabrics, providing tailored flameproofing solutions for theatres and performance spaces.

Certification: Every project is backed by a BS 5867 Part 2 Type B certificate, guaranteeing compliance with UK fire safety standards.

5 yrs/5 Dry Cleans: Our treatments are designed for longevity, maintaining fire resistance through multiple cleanings.

Nationwide Service: Offering our fire retardant treatment services on-site, wherever you are in the UK.

Free Quotes: Receive transparent, no-obligation quotes for our comprehensive curtain flameproofing services.

Brand Trust: Trusted by household names, educational institutions, and local councils for our dependable and high-quality fireproofing services.

  Safety Assured: We utilise non-hazardous chemicals, implement stringent safety policies, and employ protective measures to safeguard your space.

Our Valued Clients

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What our customers are saying...

Leigh Bridge, Walton Academy, Harlaxton Rd, Grantham

"Thank you for this and for your amazing work.

We look forward to working with you in the future"

Clive Herring, Brentford School for Girls, Site Manager

"Excellent communication and helpfulness, clean,  efficient, timely service, certainly would use again"

Eileen Voller, Bedales School - Olivier Theatre Curtain Fireproofing

"I am pleased to see the curtains should have a 5yr life before re-proofing. Thank you for your swift and professional service"

How to Get Your BS 5867 Certificate

Follow these steps to obtain your BS 5867 Part2 Type B certificate.

How to get a BS 5867 Certficte

Step 1: Measure Your Curtains

Measure the full height and the full width along the bottom of the curtain and note whether they are lined.

Repeat this process for all curtains requiring treatment and provide the measurements in the form. 


Please include any pelmets that require treating.

Step 2: Fill out the Form

Submit our online quote form and quickly receive a tailored estimate, valid for 6 months.


Expect detailed pricing, completion timeframes, and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMs).


Enjoy up to 50% off on larger orders and specify any in-house treatment preferences. 

Step 3: Book an Appointment

Upon your approval of the quote, we will seamlessly arrange a convenient date and time for the treatment.


Our process is designed to be as non-disruptive as possible: it's odor-free and produces no fumes, allowing the treated space to be used immediately. 

Spray bottle icon symbolizing curtain cleaning and fireproofing

Step 4: On-Site Service

On the appointed day and time, our expert team arrives at your location to carry out the flameproofing.


We adhere to stringent safety protocols and utilise protective gear to ensure a clean, efficient process with minimal disruption to your space.

Step 5: Payment and Certification

Once the invoice is settled, and if fireproofing was part of the service, we issue the BS 5867 Part 2 Type B certification, confirming the quality and compliance of the work done.

Curtain cleaning and fireproofing icon.png

Is it time for curtain cleaning?

Discover our comprehensive Curtain Cleaning and Fireproofing Service, perfect for those looking to refresh their curtains before fireproofing. 

Prices Fabric
Wedding Venue Fireproofing in Birmingham.jpg

Pricing* (excluding VAT)

Our pricing for curtain fireproofing is based on the total square meters (m2):

  • Orders over 1050m2 = £2.00/m2     

  • Orders over 750m2 = £2.40/m2

  • Orders over 500m2 = £2.80/m2       

  • Orders over 300m2 = £3.20/m2

  • Orders over 150m2 = £3.60/m2        

  • Orders less than 150m2 = £4.00/m2

  • In-house treatments £6m2                

*Minimum charges apply: £300 for on-site services and £100 for in-house services.

Recent Fire-Resistant Projects Showcase

 Fireproofing Curtains Treatment Images

Common Questions

Q: How long does the fire retardant treatment process take?

A: Treatment time varies based on factors like curtain size and quantity, but it averages a few hours to a full day. If we treat your curtains off-site, expect a week's turnaround. We prioritize efficiency to minimise disruptions.

Q: Can I use fire retardant treatment on other fabric items in addition to curtains?

A: Yes, treatments can be applied to upholstery, bedding, carpets, rugs, and other textiles. Effectiveness depends on fabric type, so consult professionals for suitability. Our team can guide you on the best approach for your needs.

Q: How do I know if my curtains are flame retardant?

A: Check for a label on the curtains showing the fire standard, or refer to a certificate or documentation you received confirming their fire retardancy.

Q: What if my curtains don't have a label or documentation?

A: If you don't have a label or documentation for your curtains, you should consider having them treated with a fire retardant spray and obtaining a BS 5867 Part 2 Type B certificate to ensure compliance and maintain proper records.

Do Curtains Need to be Fire Retardant?

  • Domestic curtains: UK law does not require domestic curtains to be flame resistant.

  • Contract curtains: Curtains to be used in public areas and commercial buildings must meet the flame retardant requirements specified in BS 5867 Part 2 Type B or C.

Fire Safety Compliance: Venues Requiring Fire-Resistant Curtains

Here are some examples of venues that require fire-resistant curtains and links for in-depth blog posts detailing our specialised solutions:

Contact us today to get tailored solutions for your specific needs.

You can find all the relevant documents and guidance on the Government website at Fire safety: guidance for those with legal duties.

Image of school hall after BS 5867 Part 2 Type B treatment
In-house flame test

How effective is our fire retardant treatment?

Our fire retardant treatments effectively prevent the spread of fire. We use only the best products on the market, and we test different materials to ensure the highest standards of quality. 

  • Video demonstration: By watching our videos you can see the effectiveness of our fire retardant treatment. To ensure consistency, the same fabric was used in both tests.


  • Comparison: Once ignition source is removed, the untreated fabric continues to burn, and drips flaming debris. In contrast, the treated fabric is extinguished immediately and no melting debris falls.

  • Certification and Testing: To learn more about the flame retarding certificates we offer and the testing processes of UKAS accredited testing houses, click the link provided.

In-House BS 5867 Test for Untreated Polyester Fabric

In-House BS 5867 Test for Untreated Polyester Fabric

BS 5867 Part 2 Type B Swan lake Scenery Spraying.jpeg

Aftercare and Safety

  • Dry cleaning: You can dry clean treated curtains up to five times before re-treatment becomes necessary. Washing or soaking the curtains will require re-treatment.


  • Re-treatment frequency: We recommend re-treating curtains every 5 years for optimal protection.

  • Safety of our products: We use non-hazardous products that do not contain polybrominated diphenyl, a substance linked to adverse effects.


  • Room reusability: The treatment room can be reused within minutes, provided the curtains are not disturbed.

  • Additional documents: Insurance policy documents, method statements, and risk assessments can be provided upon request.


Our company uses fireproofing products that have been thoroughly tested and approved by UKAS-accredited testing laboratories and their European counterparts for various types of materials, including curtains. This comprehensive testing enables us to issue certificates of treatment, demonstrating compliance with fire safety regulations.

Customers can be assured that there is no need for further testing of our fire retardant application services on curtains, as our certificates are sufficient to comply with fire safety regulations. Our company is committed to ensuring the correct application of our products on curtains, consistently meeting high standards and adhering to all legally required fire safety regulations.

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