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Fireproofing & Fire Retardant Spraying: Safeguarding UK's Film and TV Sets

Updated: Jun 12

Discover the indispensable role of fireproofing and fire retardant spraying in ensuring the safety and grandeur of Britain's iconic film and TV sets.

BS 476 Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame treated Film Set

Shielding Britain's Blockbusters: Fireproofing for Legacy & Safety

At Fireproofing, we've amassed 30 years of unmatched expertise in fire retardant spraying, serving esteemed film and TV sets across the UK. We're a trusted name, having worked with prominent studios such as Netflix UX1 and Sky Elstree. Our portfolio includes:

  • Bridgerton at Netflix UX1 Studios: Utilized fire retardant spraying to safeguard artificial trees and blackout fabrics.

  • Harry Potter at Elstree Studios: Applied fireproofing techniques to protect iconic costumes for global exhibitions.

  • Wicked, Paddington in Peru, Batman the Movie, CBBC Live Shows: These film and TV sets are testimony to our commitment to safety.

Adapting to UK Cinema's Dynamic Pace: Fireproofing Solutions Tailored for the Entertainment Industry

Film and TV sets in the UK demand agility and precision. At Fireproofing, we excel in

  • Delivering rapid turnarounds without sacrificing quality.

  • Crafting custom fireproofing solutions on-the-spot.

  • Conducting meticulous site visits, crucial for buzzing hubs like Netflix UX1 and Elstree Studios.

Fireproofing: Essential for UK TV & Film Set Safety

Fireproofing in Action: A Must for UK TV & Film Sets

With ever-evolving elaborate setups and constant activity, fireproofing and fire retardant spraying are non-negotiable for UK's film and TV sets. For anyone emphasizing "UK film set safety" or seeking robust "fireproofing solutions for British TV sets", our expertise is unparalleled. We're proud of our:

  • Profound knowledge of diverse materials.

  • A deep understanding of the unique fireproofing needs of the UK's film and TV industry.

  • Ability to adapt to the distinct challenges of revered studios.

In Conclusion

Every captivating moment on British film and TV sets is backed by a dedicated team ensuring safety through effective fireproofing. We, at Fireproofing, are privileged to play a pivotal role in this narrative.

Fireproof your film and TV sets with the UK's top fireproofing and fire retardant spraying experts. Contact Fireproofing today!

Contact Us: Specialist Fireproofing for TV & Film Productions

Achieving fire safety compliance for your film or TV set is paramount. Our team, specialized in the nuances of the entertainment industry, is here to guide and assist. From intricate set pieces to costumes, we ensure maximum protection.

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About the Author: Adam Sawyer

Adam is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in textile care and fire retardant treatments. He is the founder of Fireproofing, a company specializing in fire retardant spraying and application services for curtains, fabrics, upholstery, wood, and more. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Adam has built lasting relationships with clients and established a reputation for excellence in the field. To learn more about Adam and Fireproofing, visit About Us & Our Expert.



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