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Fire Retardant Spraying for Upholstery: BS 5852 Certification for Your Rental Furniture

Updated: Dec 16, 2023


Renting out your property requires adherence to fire safety standards, particularly achieving fire retardant treatment under BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) standard for your reupholstered furniture.

Why Adhering to BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) is Essential

BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) certification is a hallmark of safety assurance for letting agents and prospective tenants, signifying that the upholstered furniture on your property has been treated to resist ignition from cigarettes and matches, thereby reducing the risk of fire hazards.

Our Fire Retardant Spraying Service

At Fireproofing, we offer proficient fire retardant spraying for upholstery, ensuring your furniture complies with the BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) standard. Our process is thorough, ensuring that the fireproofing treatment penetrates deep into the fabric providing lasting protection without altering the aesthetics or comfort of your furniture.

What We Need From You

To provide an accurate quote, we require the following information:

  1. Type of furniture (e.g., 2-set sofa, armchair)

  2. Quantity

  3. Any existing labels attached (usually found on the underside)

  4. Fabric composition, if known

  5. Your location address

  6. Photos of the furniture (please email to as our quote form does not allow photo uploads)

Our Fire Retardant Treatment Process

At Fireproofing, we ensure a comprehensive and effective fire retardant treatment for your reupholstered furniture, keeping in line with the stringent BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) standards. Here's a glimpse into our meticulous process:

  1. Spraying Technique: Each piece of furniture is thoroughly sprayed with a non-hazardous, odourless fire retardant chemical. Our skilled technicians ensure complete coverage while maintaining the aesthetics of your furniture.

  2. Absorption Enhancement: We utilize soaking agents to enhance the absorption of the fire retardant chemical, especially beneficial for heavily napped fabrics. If any residue is noticed, a dry towel is gently wiped over the furniture to ensure a clean finish.

  3. Treatment Duration: The time taken for the treatment is relatively short, with a sofa taking about 30 minutes and an armchair about 20 minutes. The quick turnaround ensures minimal disruption while significantly elevating the fire safety of your furniture.

  4. Fabric Suitability: Our fire retardant spraying is ideal for any absorbent fabric. However, materials like leather, PVC, or fabrics treated with stain repellent are not suitable for this treatment.

  5. Drying Period: Post-treatment, the furniture will dry within 24 hours under normal room temperature conditions. It's crucial that the room remains free from cold and damp conditions during the drying period to ensure effective treatment.

  6. Room Preparation: The room will only need to be clear for the duration of the treatment, allowing for a hassle-free process on your part.

Our aim is to provide a seamless, efficient, and effective fire retardant treatment service, making your rental property a safer place for your tenants.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced technicians utilize advanced fire retardant spraying techniques, ensuring your furniture is safeguarded against potential fire threats. With a stellar track record, Fireproofing is your trusted partner for making your reupholstered furniture comply with fire safety standards.

"Many thanks for your time and service Adam, that is a huge weight off my shoulders."

Anna Saunt-Lord

Contact Us for a Safer Property

Ready to upgrade the fire safety of your rental property? We're here to assist you in achieving the BS 5852 Part 1 (cigarette and match) Certification for your reupholstered furniture. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on this essential safety measure.

Phone: 07970 522475

Or visit our website to explore our comprehensive fireproofing solutions.


About the Author: Adam Sawyer

Adam is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in textile care and fire retardant treatments. He is the founder of Fireproofing, a company specializing in fire retardant spraying and application services for curtains, fabrics, upholstery, wood, and more. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Adam has built lasting relationships with clients and established a reputation for excellence in the field. To learn more about Adam and Fireproofing, visit About Us & Our Expert.



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