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Fire Retardant Spraying for Wedding Venues

Updated: Dec 18, 2023


Wedding days are a once-in-a-lifetime event for couples, so it is crucial to ensure that all aspects of the venue, including fire safety, are taken into consideration. Fire retardant treatment can help to slow the spread of fire in the event of an emergency, giving guests more time to safely evacuate the building. Failing to certify curtains to ensure they are fire-safe can have far-reaching consequences, including voiding insurance claims and even facing legal repercussions.

What are the Fire Regulations for Wedding Venue Curtains?

All businesses providing wedding venues must adhere to the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO). This includes taking necessary fire safety measures to ensure the safety of their guests, employees, and property.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has established fire-resistant requirements for curtains in commercial buildings, which are outlined in BS5867. Different hazard groups are identified, ranging from low to very high, to determine the fire-resistant requirements necessary for the curtains.

The following table presents typical premises associated with each risk category:

Table for Fire Risk Categories

BS 5867 Part 2 Type B

A wedding venue is classified as a medium hazard level and requires curtains that meet BS 5867 Part 2 Type B or C standards. For a summary of the test, please refer to For more detailed information on the test procedure, please refer to the research and testing facility at

A Case Study

A fire risk assessment of Caswell House, a beautiful Cotswolds wedding venue, revealed that all curtains required treatment to BS 5867 Part 2 Type B standards.

The person responsible for fire safety contacted us, filling out the available online form with the necessary information.

We arrived at 9 am on a sunny July morning, taking all necessary measures to ensure that our presence didn't disrupt the tours of the venue's customers. We successfully finished the treatment by the afternoon and made sure to leave the premises in a condition ready for the next couple to receive the same service.

The customer was extremely satisfied with our service, as evidenced by their request for additional curtains to be treated before we left. It is always gratifying to receive such positive feedback.

How To Get A BS 5867 Part 2 Type B Certificate

If you need a BS5867 Part 2 Type B Certificate for your wedding venue curtains, you can contact our fire retardant spraying company. We specialise in providing certificate services across the UK that meet the British Standard 5867 Part 2 Type B requirements. Our experienced team will assess the curtains and decide the best method of fire retardant treatment for them. We will then spray the curtains with the necessary fire retardant product and issue the certificate upon completion. To ensure the curtains are treated to the highest quality, we use the latest spraying technology and experienced technicians. Contact us today for more information.

Get Your Quote

To get your quote, please provide us with the details of your curtains, including:

  1. The curtain measurements

  2. The number of curtains

  3. Whether they are lined

  4. The location of the curtains i.e., the address of the wedding venue

  5. Fill out a Get Your Quote form or email the information

We will reply with your quote within the hour.

The Appointment

After the quote is accepted, a date and time will be scheduled to perform fire retardant spraying.

Fire Retardant Spraying

We will come to your location to perform fire retardant spraying as scheduled. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure that the area is completely covered with the necessary fire retardant materials to help protect your property from potential fires. We will also provide any additional assistance or advice needed throughout the process. With our efficient and reliable services, you can be sure that your property is optimally protected against fire hazards.

Issue of Certificate

Upon completion of treatment, an invoice will be presented and upon receipt of payment, a BS5867 Part 2 Type B certificate will be issued.

Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) Compliance

This certificate confirms that your curtains are compliant with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO). This compliance meets the stringent standards set forth by fire safety enforcement bodies, insurance providers, and the individuals responsible for fire safety in the venue.

Further Reading

To find out more about our fire retardant spraying for wedding venues visit or give us a call.


About the Author: Adam Sawyer

Adam is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in textile care and fire retardant treatments. He is the founder of Fireproofing, a company specializing in fire retardant spraying and application services for curtains, fabrics, upholstery, wood, and more. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Adam has built lasting relationships with clients and established a reputation for excellence in the field. To learn more about Adam and Fireproofing, visit About Us & Our Expert.



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